10 things you should know about Gujarat before traveling


Traveling and adventures are the most exciting things that we all love to do. We always prefer choosing the best destination points for our traveling plans. May it be short time traveling plans or the longtime staying plans, both of them have to be completely planned and assured for the fun and enjoyment. Each and every day of the traveling plan should be well thought of and pre-planned. The traveling destination should be checked properly for all the destination points and enjoyment points present there. If possible, a guide should be hired for helping you in visiting those selected points.

People take Gujarat as a very attractive and enjoyable destination point. But you should always make sure that you analyze your traveling destination properly. You should plan your days accordingly. If you have planned for visiting Gujarat, you should know all the destination points and necessary points about Gujarat. For this, just go through the below-listed 10 things you should know about Gujarat before traveling-

1) Avoid making your plans in extreme summer time-

Gujarat has almost every destination place in open plains. These pains have high temperatures and sunny weathers. So if you are planning to visit Gujarat, try to avoid the peak summer time.

2) Take care of a good stomach health-

The ‘no breakfast’ tradition of Gujarat is very famous. They avoid breakfast and in case they have- they make heavy traditional dishes. So be ready for the heavy dishes otherwise you will be left with stomach aches.

3) Take care of the dust allergies-

Dust Allergies

Most of the enjoyable and fun destination points of Gujarat are located in open plains. The plains there and other destination points of Gujarat have a serious problem of dust and dirt there. So just be safe from the dust allergies there.

4) Lack of guides and travel assistance-

Guides in Gujarat

There is no tradition in Gujarat where you will be able to get traveling assistance. You won’t be able to get or hire paid guides in Gujarat. So you yourself will have to book hotels and taxis. You should be assured of the plans by booking taxis and hotels before only.

5) A large variety of local food items to taste-

Gujarat Cuisine

Gujarat has an amazing treasure of delicious and filling local food items. If you are going to Gujarat, make sure that you try all the famous traditional food items.

6) Choose the best hotel and restaurant options-

Gujarat Hotels

Instead of the nearby hotels, you should be booking the most convenient hotels and restaurants in Gujarat  as Gujarat has some of the highly rated luxurious hotels for both travelers and couples.

7) Visit the Sabarmati River at least once-

Sabarmati River Gujarat

Sabarmati River is one of the most beautiful places in Gujarat. So make sure that you visit there at least once.

8)Try the most famous traditional dance Garba at least once-

Navratri Garba

Garba is the most famous specialty in Gujarat. So, increase the levels of enjoyment by trying it at least once.

9) Experience the wildlife feel at the famous zoos-

Gujarat has a chain of wildlife habitats or zoos. So take some time out and visit these wildlife zoos.

10) Visit Akshardham temple at least once-

Akshardham Temple Gujarat

The Akshardham Temple is literally the most spectacular place in Gujarat. You should witness its beauty and visit it at least once.

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