13 Best Places to Visit in India in Summers


The soaring heat is taking a toll on everyone irrespective of age. The professionals are getting drenched to reach the office in time. The sun seems to be ruthless by showering its full might upon us. It is time to pack your bags and take the entire family to a cool destination in the summer vacation.

13 best destinations to beat the heat

  • Manali

Manali Travel

The green panorama and the meandering mountain rivers in between the valleys in Manali will be the ideal way to spend a quality getaway. Situated in the snowy mountain ranges of Himachal Pradesh, Manali is the ideal destination for the Indians to visit during this time and enjoy the diverse flora and pump adrenaline with the adventure sports.

  • Coorg

Coorg - Scotland of India

Apart from the scrumptious meals in Coorg, you will get to enjoy the scenic beauties of waterfalls, cool forests, and hills. The fresh atmosphere with the surprising views of the valleys and mountains will prove that heaven exists on earth.

  • Coonoor

Coonoor Travel in Summers

Far away from the chaos, Coonoor is a peaceful place to enjoy the summer. The trains meandering along the valleys and the cottage stays will be the best way to treat the family with a nice getaway.

  • Rishikesh and Haridwar

Rishikesh Ganges Uttarakhand

Rishikesh and Haridwar are the ideal destinations that can be covered in a single journey. The pilgrim destinations and temples in the river banks along with the adventure sports venues will offer a great way to enjoy the summer.

  • Shimla

Shimla Travela

The perfect blend of British magnificence and Indian culture in Shimla will make you come back every year. The taste of rich history in the mountain valleys in a pleasant weather will be magical.

  • Munnar

Munnar Travel

Who says that nature cannot be hypnotic? You will literally enter a trance state in this destination situated in Kerala. The age-old tourist resorts will take you to the old pages of British era.

  • Mount Abu

Mount Abu

The hill station situated in Rajasthan is a must go in the list of tourists. The ideal destination for summer will refresh you with the blue lakes and mind-blowing scenes of hills and temples.

  • Kashmir


When the concern is spending a great summer holiday then no one can ignore the bliss of Kashmir. Yes! The paradise on earth will not let you leave that easily. The tranquil lakes and the houseboats will offer ever-cherishing memories.

  • Kodaikanal

Kodaikanal Pillar Rocks

Kodaikanal is a place where you will find mountains, forests full of spiky trees, and lakes in a single combination. The gentle rides on the boat in a misty atmosphere will be worth remembering.

  • Gangtok

Gangtok Travel Summers

Sikkim alone has multiple destinations to visit that can be covered after reaching Gangtok. The view of Kanchenjunga during sunrise and the mesmerizing valleys touching the clouds will make you feel lucky.

  • Nainital

Nainital in Winters

It is the perfect destination for honeymooners. The tourists come here to enjoy the never-ending mountain ranges and the view of the peaks emerging from the clouds.

  • Masinagudi

Masinagudi Backpacking Tales

The destination is located at the foothills of Nilgiri Mountains. The serene atmosphere and the peaceful forests will offer an ideal place to spend quality time with your near ones.

  • Ladakh


When you want something different than a lush valley or rivers, then Ladakh is the place where the barren mountain desert will allure you. The landscapes here are absolutely contrasting which offer a different bliss than the traditional destinations.

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