Bijli Mahadev – A short trek for beginners in Kullu District of Himachal Pradesh

Bijli Mahadev

An Overview:

A picturesque temple located at the top of Mathan Hill in Kullu Valley, Bijli Mahadev is a temple dedicated to the Lord Shiva. From the top, you will be able to see the aerial view of Parvati Valley, Kullu Valley as well as Bhunter Valley. One can also witness the confluence of Parvati and Beas rivers from the top. Bijli Mahadev is the best place which can be visited in a day’s time and it is away from the hustle bustle of city life of Kullu.

Information on temple wall

This religious temple is located at an altitude of 2438 metres. There is a sacred shivling placed inside the main temple and it is believed that lightning strikes the shivling occasionally and breaks it into pieces. Thus, the temple got its name Bijli Mahadev or Electric Mahadev. The priest at the temple then puts the pieces together with Satoo and Butter(local made adhesive) every time the shivling breaks and a festival is organized on this occasion every time.

Shivling at Bijli Mahadev

It is also said that this place is related to the death of Jaalandhar Demon. Near to the temple, you will see a 20 metre tall pole installed. The pole is made up of the wood of Deodar tree. On the special occasions the pole gets replaced by the locals and the priest altogether. Then, a festival is organized on this occasion to offer prayers to Lord Shiva.

Temple priest
Temple priest resting under tree


Trek Itinerary:

There are regular buses (every half an hour) for Bijli Mahadev from Kullu main bus stand. You can board a bus from Kullu Bus stand all the way to Bijli Mahadev bus stand(the starting point). The temple is at 2.5 Kms from this starting point but it will be quite steep so get yourself mentally and physically prepared.

Starting point of trek
Starting point of trek

Once you reach Bijli Mahadev bus stand, you will be able to see stairs going uphill which is the starting point of trek. You can also ask local shop owners for the correct directions. If you are planning to travel on your own vehicle, then you can drive straight to Chansari village and then start the trek from there. This way, you will have to climb lesser.

Enroute Bijli Mahadev Trek
Enroute the Trek

This trek offers a steep ascent so don’t forget to bring some water before getting started. Once you get started, you will pass through the Deodar forests and during most part of the trek, you will find several refreshment corners where you can sit and relax to get your bodies energized again. (Don’t forget to try Maggi and the tea combination while trekking 😛 ).

There are a few human settlements on the entire trek, so that makes the trek a bit reliable and safe. Here is a picture of 2 siblings I met with on the way:

Chansari Village

After 2-3 hours of trekking, you will reach the top of the hill where you will spot several horses grazing around. That will look like a fairy tale and I bet that you will find it exciting to click few pictures of them. Just within a hundred metres, you will be able to spot the temple at a distance. There are several stalls near the temple where one can have refreshments, Prasad as well as other worship items.

Pir Panjal Ranges

Once you reach the temple, offer your prayers to the deity and the shivling. You may also ask the priest of the temple to guide you where to watch for the Bhunter Airport and the confluence of Parvati and Beas rivers. You may click good pictures of the Pir Panjal ranges and Mallana peaks as well like I did 🙂

Confluence of Parvati and beas River

Trek Summary:

Difficulty Level: Easy

Maximum Elevation: 2438 metres

Distance: 2.5 kms

Accommodation: One can start in the day time and get back by evening, Tents are also available at the top

Caution: There are several wild animals like Himalayan Black bear and leopards in the jungles making the trek risky in the winters and at night. Also, the top of hill is prone to lightning so avoid during the monsoons.

Tips: There are 2 trek routes to Bijli Mahadev, one from Chansari village(2.5kms) and another from Naggar(12-15kms)

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