Explore the Paragliding destination of India – Bir Billing

Bir Billing Paragliding

Traveling should be the most important part of our lives. We all are habitual of following very busy work routines and hectic schedules at our workplaces. After these hectic work schedules, we need refreshing vacation plans. These vacation plans should be made very wisely. The destination places should be chosen in such a way that we get the entire much-needed break from the busy city-work life. There should be complete fun, adventure and enjoyment at those places.

One such travel destination place or adventure destination is the Bir Billing in Kangra District of Himachal Pradesh. The paragliding adventurous sport in Kangra is very much famous for the adrenaline rush and natural beauty there. There are a lot more exciting features about the paragliding at Bir Billing. Just go through the below-listed points and plan your next vacation trip there only. Not only by reading but you should also go there and explore the paragliding destination of India i.e. Bir Billing

Situated in the lap of nature and hilly mountains

This paragliding place Bir Billing, is situated exactly in the lap of the most beautiful hilly area of India. The complete greenery of these mountains has been appreciated by almost every nature-enthusiast of India. In between those green and high mountains, tourists are given a chance of paragliding through those areas. While paragliding, they are made to sit on a chair-like seat and then they are given an emergency parachute to tie it at their back. After this, full emergency managing equipment is given to them for unpredicted needed situations. Then they are given a golden chance of visiting the high mountains and embracing the most beautiful natural beauty of this place.

A lot of other travel destinations situated nearby

As an additional surprise for visiting this beautiful paragliding destination, the tourists will get to explore a lot more beautiful and serene places. These additionally surprising places are situated at very small distances from Bir Billing’s paragliding point. Some of the most amusing and very well known travel destination points situated near Bir Billing are Baijnath, Palampur, Kangra, Mandi, and Dharamsala etc.

Pleasant weather conditions

One biggest benefit of visiting this paragliding destination point is the awesome and soothing weather there. The weather is always very pleasant and amazing because it is situated in Dhauladhar ranges of Himalayas. So there won’t be any problem of getting affected or irritated from the weather.

Completely suitable take-off and landing sites for paragliding

This place of Bir Billing is actually one of the best sites for paragliding in India. This is because it has the best land sites for take-off and landing. For a very good take-off, the person needs very smooth and calming winds. The land sites at Bir Billing are completely suitable because they have smooth and favorable winds there. Besides this, the landing also needs some specific places. These places should not have any risks of accidents or crowd. Also, urgent help should be easily available at these places. Emergency help is also available at ease and convenience at such places.

So, get yourself lost in the serene valleys of Himachal and experience that ultimate adrenaline rush that you are waiting for.

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