Unbeatable offbeat destinations to visit in Uttarakhand

Offbeat Destinations Uttarakhand

If you are a frequent traveler and wish to explore new places in order to break the monotony, you must reconnoiter offbeat destinations in Uttarakhand. This will help you discover some of the unknown yet adventurous places in the serene Himalayan valley.

Below mentioned is a list of 7 offbeat destinations in Uttarakhand that must be explored if you are an escapade lover and want to rejoice at the beautiful Himalayan meadow and landscape during this year.

1. MUNSYARI- Trekker’s Paradise

Munsiyari - A Trekkers Paradise

The beauty of the place will indulge you with its rich and colourful landscape as well as attractive vantage points.  There are several trekking points in Munsiyari including Milam, Ralam and Namik Glaciers.

2. NAUKUCHIATAL- A picturesque lake

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Source: http://www.indiataxionline.co.in/location/india/naukuchiatal/

It is a scenic lake with 9 corners, thus more commonly known as ‘Nauki’. The lake is few kilometres away from the popular city Nanital. It could really be a memorable journey if you spend few days in the cottages or resorts near Naukuchiatal.

3. KAUSANI- A must visit destination

Kausani, Uttarakhand
Source: http://uttarakhandtourism.gov.in/kausani

Kausani is regarded to be one of the least discovered place in Uttarakhand. People generally interpret the place as Kasauli. This beautiful small town is situated on top of the mountain with the picturesque scenery of Himalayan peaks and tall pine trees. If exploring Uttarakhand or Himalayan region, Kausani must not be left unvisited.

4. CHOPTA- Mini Switzerland

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Source: http://uttarakhandtourism.gov.in/chopta

The place is most commonly termed as Mini Switzerland. The place is covered with evergreen forest and thus remain hidden and many individuals never visited the place before. It is also regarded as one of the best offbeat destination to visit in Uttarakhand. If you have limited budget, this place will be the best option to explore as trekking can be done at cheap cost.

5. KHIRSU- Hamlet in the heart of Himalayas

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Source: http://www.gangavalleyadventure.com/uttarakhand/khirsu.html

This place is located in Garhwal region of Uttarakhand. It is also a hidden place in that region as it is covered all around by forests. This small region will give you a magnificent view of some of the remarkable ranges of Himalayas. Khirsu is a must to visit destination as it is less expensive, easily accessible and offers immaculate prettiness throughout the year.

6. LANDOUR- Amazing pizza place

Landour - Woodstock school Mussoorie

The place is hardly known to many people as it is hidden inside the crowded Mussoorie. It is a quiet and peaceful town established at the time of British India. It is a home to Ruskin Bond and is also popular for its home made cheese stock and Deodar Woods. As the nearby roads are tremendously narrow, reaching Landour can be difficult some times. Trekking is the only way out. There are several places like Pari Tibba which you can easily trek from Landour. Pari tibba is located near the famous WoodStock School in Landour. It is a one day trek and people of all ages can do it with ease. I will publish another article on Pari Tibba Trek Itinerary for in-depth details.

7. BINSAR- Eternal beauty in Himalayas lap

Binsar Valley

This offbeat place is rich in ethos, high in beauty and situated at charming & peaceful location having no association with the conventional city life that people are living today. If you are planning a vacation to Binsar Valley then you must visit the Binsar wildlife Sanctuary as it has to offer a variety of flora and fauna to nature enthusiasts.

So, what are you waiting for now. Pack your bags and get yourself lost in the incredible Himalayas of Uttarakhand

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