Reasons why Shimla is known as Queen of Hills and Summer Capital of India

Shimla Mall Road

Exploring India can be exhilarating because it acts as a base for several electrifying tourist destinations to visit and Himachal Pradesh is one of them. It has loads of locations that astonish people and they get curious to visit those places in order to explore its beauty. Shimla, the capital city of Himachal Pradesh is on top of the list. The city is also known as the summer capital of India, a name given by the British Empire. There are several reasons for the city being termed as the summer capital. Let us discuss all the reasons one by one.

Quick Facts

  • The city with least population
  • Was once known as the capital city of Punjab
  • MTB Himalaya, a mountain biking race is hosted by this city
  • British empire gave the city the title- “the summer capital of India”

Weather and Climate

Shimla Weather

The weather of the city is very pleasing which makes the city unique and special. Generally the northern region of India have hot and humid climate during the summers, thus many individuals with friends and family tend to plan an excursion to Shimla in order to enjoy the nearby vicinity.

Honeymoon in Shimla

Honeymoon in Shimla - Backpacking tales

Shimla is the most popular tourist destination for the honeymoon couples. The city offers a lot to the honeymooners who wish to spend some quality time with other and share some cosy moments among hills, mountains and foliage. Due to all these reasons, Shimla is considered as the most idyllic destination for honeymoon couples.

Plenty of Gods & Goddesses

Shimla Temples and Gods

Shimla is also popular from aesthetic and spiritual point of view, as the name of the city has been named after a Hindu goddess. There are several historical temples and religious building in the city. Therefore, to attain some peace of mind and to rejuvenate your soul, you must visit these places.


Shimla Town

The city is built on the top of seven diverse hills, and lies at a height of about 2,000 meters above the sea level. There is adequate distance between the city life and the calm life of Shimla hills.

Kalka-Shimla Rail

Toy Train Kalka Shimla

If you are fond of aesthetic and scenic beauty, you should never miss going to spectacular sights on the rail link that covers adequate number of tunnels and hills in its way. Toy trains runs on this track on regular basis and in the entire route, the toy train goes through 102 tunnels which makes the entire experience the best one. If you are planning to visit Shimla, then you can never miss this train ride through the Himalayas.


Annandale Shimla

If you are planning trip to Shimla with a group of friends, you must visit Annandale. It is a very popular picnic spot of the city. The speciality of the place is that it is built in an open area so you can enjoy the beauty of nature with fresh air all around. Games like racing, cricket and football can be played in the field.

Great Experience

Shimla is the most popular tourist attraction for the newly married couples who wish to add good memories in their life. For an unforgettable honeymoon, the couple must explore places including shopping colonnades, galleries, a town hall, traditional buildings, handcrafted emporiums, multi-cuisine restaurants and much more exciting places to visit.

Because of the unique climate, weather and location of the city, it has been named as the summer capital of British India and queen of the hills.

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