Ten Rules of Good Airport Manners

Airport manners

Taking a vacation is surprisingly stressful, especially when travelling by plane. Airports are busy places and it’s easy to get stressed out. Here are ten rules of good airport manners to ensure everyone has a safe and enjoyable airport experience.

1. Know Your Itinerary
Write down information about your flight before leaving and keep it handy. Knowing your flight number and gate information means you spend less time looking around the terminal. Not knowing where you’re going causes you to focus only on yourself. Stay out of lines with automated kiosk and remember basic line manners if you do get stuck in a check-in line.

2. Airport parking

Start and finish your trip relaxed knowing your car is safe and parked nearby. The best option for travellers wanting the convenience of parking at the airport at a reasonable price. Flyaway take the hassle and expense out of airport parking so you can relax and enjoy your time away.

3. Don’t Dally
With all the queuing involved with air travel, you’ve got more than enough time to prepare for what you’re queuing for. Find your passport and boarding pass before you need them and make the most of the time you’re stuck in a queue.

4. Stay Sane with Security
Airport security is unavoidable, but there are some things you can do to make the process go smoother. Only take carry-ons that will fit through the scanner, have your boarding pass ready, and have everything out of your pocket ready. Be courteous and respectful to make things easier for everyone.

5. Gate Manners
Take up as little space as possible while waiting at the gate. Don’t spread your stuff about, instead keeping it next to you. Keep the whole group together and – if you need to take a call – move away from other travellers so as to not impose on them.

6. Wait For Your Number
Airports give you the message that you should wait for your group number to be called and avoid crowding around the entrance to the jetway. Everyone ignores this. Don’t be like everyone. Don’t approach the jetway until called to ensure the boarding process is smooth and easy.

7. Airports are Not for Grooming
You’d be surprised by how many people spend their time waiting in airports by catching up on personal grooming such as plucking eyebrows and clipping toenails. It’s gross. Save that kind of thing for the bathroom.

8. Wait your Turn
You should never push your way forward. Whether you’re waiting to board the plane, move through the security, or pick up your luggage. Take a few steps back and wait your turn. Things would be much faster if we all did this.

9. Be Mindful of Those Around You
Everyone has different ways of waiting and passing the time. It doesn’t matter what you do, whether it’s playing games, reading magazines, or talking to the people around you, you need to be mindful of others. Keep the noise down and don’t be a disruption.

10. Staff are People Too
If something goes wrong or you get flagged by security for whatever reason, then remember that these people are just trying to do their job. Don’t become argumentative as it just makes things worse for everyone. Stay calm and treat everyone around you – especially airport staff – as the human beings they are.

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