Top 10 underrated food joints in Delhi that serves mouth-watering recipes

Amritsari Naan - Food to try in Delhi

South Indian endless rice, wide variety of Magalia dishes and from the side of Far East you get the delicacies. The Rajasthani spices and the flavors of the Gujarat are the only trailers of the experience that you will enjoy in the streets of the Delhi.

1.) Mikky Restaurant Amritsari Chur -Chur Naan, Paharganj 

Amritsari Naan - Food to try in Delhi

Delhi is famous for its delicious and incredible street food. The vendor’s foods found on the Paharganj streets are worth to try and Mikky’s Amritsari Chur-Chur Naan is one of them. There was an impression in my mind that it would be that kind of Naan which is sliced into many pieces. But when the Naan was served we found it drenched in delicious butter. Naan was accompanied with the mix vegetable and curd with pinch of the Jeera powder

2.) Kake Di Hatti

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Kake Di Hatti is one of the most authenticated Punjabi style eatery joint. It is located in the Gali Batashan near Fatepuri Chowk. They serve the pocket friendly authenticated traditional north India Cuisine. The tasty and mouth watering Dal Makhni and wide variety of naan are worth trying. 2 people can easily fill their stomach in just 400 Rupees.

3.) Veg Gulati

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They are one of the oldest and the most trusted one in the field of vegetarian delights. They are known for their North Indian cuisine. Veg Gulati is located at the Pandara Road Market.

4.) Govinda’s

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The atmosphere is so peaceful and relaxing here. Here the chanting sound of the “Hare Rama Hare Krishna” makes the mind of human relaxed. Famous vegetarian joint of Delhi located in the heart of the Delhi’s Iskcon temple. They are known for simple and the divine quality shakes, lassi and the Chinese cuisines. Here you find the unique buffet system as well.

5.) Keventers

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The place called Keventers known for their thick and the amazing shakes. Here you also found the carious kind of the lip-smacking snacks. This place is located near the Wenger’s, Inner Circle at CP.

6.) Chache Di Hatti

Chacha di Hatti Chole Bathure

Punjabis would love this Chhole Bhatures joint. This joint is located near the Kamala Nagar Delhi.

7.) Saravana Bhavan

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One of the famous south Indian food joint located in the Saravana Bhavan of the janpath. Appama is one of the most famous dishes of this joint.

8.) Indus Flavors

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This place is found in Kingsway Camp, Hudson lane. This place is inspired by the Indus Valley civilization. They are famous for their North Indian and Chinese cuisine.

9.) Rajdhani

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Rajdhani is located at DLF Place Mall Saket. Mouth-watering Gujarati-Rajasthani cuisines are served here. This is a must try food joint for different variety of food in Delhi.

10.) Shree Banke Bihari Brajwasi Rasgulle Waala

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Gulab Jamun, Ras-malai and Rabdi are the famous dishes of this joint. This place is located in Kamala Nagar.

India is known for the best qualities and mouth watering delicious dishes. When you walk down in the streets of the capital of India, you will experience and get acquainted with the mouth watering and tasty food from all over the India.

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