Top 5 tips for Indian tourists traveling to Paris

Eiffel Tower view from Trocadero at night

Travelling is fun! Isn’t it? Life is beautiful when you travel and explore the world and most importantly, it helps you to explore yourself too. All you need is to pack your bag, take some cash and start your journey. There is no better thing in this world than traveling but all you need is to travel for yourself and not for anyone. In this article, we will give you 5 tips if you are planning to travel to Paris. These tips are going to benefit you a lot as Paris is quite a different place from other countries.

Make your budget first

Paris is not going to be a pocket-friendly country for you especially if you are from India where Indian Rupee is too weaker than Euro, so you must have your proper budget in mind to tackle every kind of expense there. We are not saying that it’s too expensive but you can’t survive in Paris without a proper budget. All you need is some important notifications in your mind about the fact that you need the most there. From food to hotels, everything is quite more expensive to survive in Paris rather than any other country. Even traveling is also expensive there. Make sure you have your own budget to visit Paris. Book your flights in advance to get the best prices and find the best hotel deals instead of looking for stay after reaching the place.

Walk as much as you can to explore Paris

The best way to explore any place is by walking and exploring it. All you can do is visit certain places on your own. Do visit those places where no one visits commonly. That’s going to benefit you in exploring those places that even most of the locals don’t even know about. The best part of walking in Paris is that it is the only cheapest way to explore Paris. We would like to recommend you to explore through walking.

Write down places you want to visit

Make your priority list and note down as it would help you in satisfying yourself in the journey easily. From Eiffel tower to Musse d’Orsay, there are many amazingly gorgeous places where you can visit and experience the beautiful capital of France, Paris. All you need is to have your list ready with you as that’s going to help you a lot. Trust me; you are going to thank me for this.

Have knowledge of good restaurants there

Image result for indian restaurants in paris

For any Indian, food can become a big issue whenever they travel out of the country and it could become the same in Paris as well. If you have no knowledge about the restaurants, then it can become troublesome, especially if you are a vegetarian. All you need is to search through Google and know the whereabouts of the restaurants and their menus. This will benefit you in getting good food at economical prices. (Click here for some of the good Indian restaurants in Paris)

Make new friends with dignity

All you need to say “bonjour” (good day or hello) to make new friends in Paris but make sure that you are making new friends with dignity. Don’t break anyone, and take care of your safety too while meeting strangers. The best part is that the people of Paris are extremely cool and they’ll help you every time you ask them for anything. Just stay casual and nice to them.

So, what are you waiting for? Book the tickets now and start exploring the most romantic city of the world.

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